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2015 ATRA AGM Results
« on: January 28, 2016, 06:56:40 PM »
We had eight club members in attendance.


At the end of the 2015 season, the ATRA has ownership of a trailer full of obstacles from the bike shows, which we all agreed on will be given too Byrnie Schroderus who owns our Cow Patty Trial land. We felt as though this would in the best interests of the club in terms of area development.

We also still have swag remaining from the season, which will be carried through to the 2016 season to be given away.


We held four events in 2015, all good events with positive response from our membership. General club moral is high coming in to the 2016 season with many people "itching to ride" as usual.

As all of you know the ATRA participated in the Calgary and Edmonton Motorcycle shows with a booth and trials demos. In conclusion of these shows we didn't gain any members for the club and in turn it simply cost the members a lot of time and money to put these shows on. The club has put forth the plan of strengthening our online presence instead of demos/booths at shows etc.


1st:  Kelsey Hanson, Sherco 55 pts
2nd: Carig Parfitt, Beta 46 pts
3rd:  Steve Mills, GG 30 pts


1st: Kevin Smith, Beta 30 pts
2nd: Roger Flinkman, GG, 30 pts

1st: Wyatt Pospisil, Beta 106 pts
2nd: Chris Tronnes, GG 60 pts

1st: Ben Pospisil, Beta 94 pts
2nd: Faustino Marin, Sherco 60 pts
3rd: Sean Bird, Beta 46 pts

Senior 45:

1st: Craig Parfitt, Beta 90 pts
2nd: Harold Pospisil, Beta 83 pts
3rd: Mark O'Neil, Beta 50 pts


1st: Doug Harrish, Yamaha 111 pts

Congratulations to everyone, it was a fantastic year despite the lower than average turnout of riders.


We will be holding four club events this year, they are as follows:

Wild Rose Trial, Calgary AB - May 1st

Rapid Creek Trial, Falun AB - June 12th

Cow Patty Trial/Outlaw #2, Rocky Mtn House AB - July 30th-31st

Gwynne Mafia Trial, Gwynne AB - September 11th

These are the finalized dates for this calendar year!!!


As we do every year, we brought up the pros and cons of crown land use for the ATRA. We agreed the best course of action is the remain private for the 2016 season, and look to hold one or more events on crown land for the 2017 season.


We will be revamping our website again, to institute a more inviting, livelier front page to better reflect the club. We will also be introducing a drop box which we will all have access too in order to promote media sharing and have access to more media to keep our content current and fresh. This will be coming in the next couple months.


Due to lack of interest and time by the membership, we have agreed that we are not interested in doing Trials Demos on behalf of the ATRA. We will revisit this issue at our next AGM.


Ben Pospisil nominated by Doug Harrish and subsequently re elected as President unanimously.
Kelsey Hanson nominated by Ben Pospisil as secretary, unanimous.
Harold Pospisil Nominated by Ben Pospisil as Treasurer, unanimous.


I personally put forth Doug Harrish and Harold Pospisil to be nominated as life time members of the club due to going above and beyond in order to ensure the success of the ATRA and trials in Alberta as a whole, year after year. This was agreed upon unanimously as a group.


In closing, I feel as though it was a very positive and productive meeting in that we established a clear game plan for the 2016 season. I'm very excited for whats to take place in the coming season and feel as though we are on the right track to bring the ATRA to a new level of trials. Hope to see you out at an event this year!

Keep your feet up,

Ben  - President

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