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ATRA code of conduct
« on: March 21, 2015, 10:35:20 AM »

* ATRA operates as a group of fellow Trials enthusiasts who represent the sport with pride and passion.

* ATRA members are respectful to themselves, each other, and all property/facilities through their actions and through direct, honest communication.

* ATRA members are professional in their actions as abuse, threatening, or slanderous behavior is not in the spirit of fair play and will not be tolerated towards other members, spectators and volunteers.

* Members show their support for their fellow members by making an effort to attend the riders meeting before and after each event.

* Members of the ATRA promote fair play over winning and have fun doing it!

Members whose conduct is not within the spirit of this Code, will result in the Executive members of the ATRA following up with you to ensure everyone can participate respectfully, freely, and actively.
Ben Pospisil