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Who are the ATRA
« on: August 08, 2013, 10:58:26 AM »

The Alberta Trials Riders Assoc is a non profit as well as a non commercial organization that exists solely due to athletes with passion for the sport of organized trials.

Due to the club being rider driven there is always a surplus of teaching opportunities and support for new members/riders as all of our more experienced riders are always willing to offer their advice on everything from bike set up to actual riding techniques. a ATRA  club member put in an immense amount of work in the 2012 season to have 7 time US National Trials Champion Ryan Young come to Canada and hold two trials schools which was very well received and having attended it myself was an awesome experience.

The ATRA welcomes everyone with open arms, we have  50+ members ranging from 5 years of age to 85 years of age.

90% of the ATRA events are held on beautiful private property which creates an awesome camping atmosphere. At our events camping is encouraged as it gives the riders a chance to practice prior to the event as well as making it a great family sport as it's not "All about riding". Almost all of our events are spectator friendly with many of our riders willing to put on a show in section!

A new bike is not necessary to begin your trials career, many new people instead opt to purchase a nice used bike and have just as much fun riding with our club as they would on a new one.

Our bikes run very low tire pressure (as low as 3PSI!) as well as being very quiet what this means for you is there is very minimal if any damage to the terrain and absolutely no bother to land owners/other people

Our club offers fantastic support to our riders, often we are fortunate enough to have life time club member Dave Rhodes who is Outlaw Trialsport on site who has clothing, protective equipment and parts support on hand to all of our riders. We also have club member Roger Flinkman who is Wetaskiwin Motorsports who can be contacted off this forum or through email as for all of your Gas Gas related parts and accessories as well as clothing and protective gear.

Trials is a very affordable sport to get into with our yearly club membership being just $40, and our event entry only $20. Trials also does not require huge expanses of land for practice. You can be entertained in a 15' x 15' space with one obstacle for hours!

As always safety and responsibility is a top priority for the ATRA, with pretty much all of us having work or school commitments the next day therefore the sections are always designed with safety in mind, as well as long time member of the Harold Pospisil is a former ski patroller who is certified in first aid with CPR/AED certification as well

In closing, the ATRA is a group of passionate individuals who wish to see the sport of trials promoted and refined in Canada. If you think Trials is something you would like to be a part of please do not hesitate to get in touch the club and we will be more than willing to point you in the right direction to help you get started!

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