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General Discussion / Re: ATRA AGM, JAN 24TH 2016. LEDUC AB
« on: January 19, 2016, 06:47:16 PM »
So I guess we'll see at least thirty members at the AGM then, right?

General Discussion / ATRA AGM, JAN 24TH 2016. LEDUC AB
« on: December 28, 2015, 10:29:46 AM »
Hello everyone,

The ATRA AGM will be held this January 24th, 2016 at the Leduc Royal Canadian legion. It will start at 11AM, and should only take a few hours to get through. It's important to attend if you're available as this sets the course of events for the year for the club including our event schedule, anything we wish to change or improve on within the club as well as our election as usual.

Hope to see a good chunk of you there,


Events / 2015 Gwynne Mafia Trial
« on: September 15, 2015, 07:21:34 PM »
Looking forward to the Gwynne event next weekend on September 27.
-No dogs is requested.   
-Camping is allowed
-10:00 Start time

Take Hi -way #13 about 10Km east  of wetaskiwin, towards Camrose
At the bottom of the valley turn left on secondary #822 (you'll see Gwynne to the right, and a logging truck 40' in the air on a post …. its kinda hard to miss)
Go 2.5Km north
Trial is on the left side, Signs will be posted!

Results / ATRA RD #3 RESULTS
« on: August 28, 2015, 05:58:59 PM »
1. Derek Budd (Beta, Rocky Mountain House AB) 64 pts
2. Robert Mills (GasGas, Bragg Creek AB) 75 pts
3. Carig Parfitt (Beta, Sherwood Park AB) DNF

1. Wyatt Pospisil (Beta, Edmonton AB) 73 pts
2. Kevin Smith (Beta, Calgary AB) 81 pts

1. Sam King (Beta, Golden BC) 20 pts
2. Sean Bird (Beta, Calgary AB) 37 pts
3. Ben Pospisil (Beta, Edmonton AB) 62 pts

1. Craig Parfitt (Beta, Sherwood Park AB) 36 pts
2. Darryl Park (Sherco, Calgary AB) 64 pts
3. Harold Pospisil (Beta, Edmonton AB) 68 pts

1. Doug Harrish (Scorpa, Sherwood Park AB) 34 pts
2. Steve Mills (GasGas, Bragg Creek AB) 40 pts
3. Richard Ouellet (Sherco, Calgary AB) 47 pts

Results / ATRA RD #2 RESULTS
« on: August 03, 2015, 07:40:18 PM »
Hello everyone, I apologize for the delay in posting this. I dropped the ball.

1. Steve Mills GG 40 pts
2. Kelsey Hanson Sherco 91 pts
3. Carig Parfitt Beta 102pts

1. Roger Flinkman GG 55 pts
2. Graylin Giesbrecht  GG 90 pts
3. Ian Buttar GG 94 pts
4. Roger Giesbrecht Beta 102 pts

1. Chris Tronnes GG 25 pts
2. Wyatt Pospisil Beta 99 pts (Won on Cleans)
3. Mitch Langell GG 99 pts
4. Gerald Moijj GG 109 pts
5. Aaron Dobler Beta 119 pts

1. Ben Pospisil 77 pts

1. Craig Parfitt Beta 56 pts
2. Mark O'Neil Beta 61 pts
3. Hardy Hartwig Scorpa 62 pts
4. Marris Romaniuk Beta 75 pts
5. Harold Pospisil Beta 91 pts
6. Doug MacLeod GG 104 pts

1. Doug Harrish Hon 19 pts
2. Eric Erickson GG 31 pts
3. Richard Ouellete Sherco 38 pts
4. Micheal Cunningham GG 100 pts

Events / 2015 WTC western canadian nationals
« on: June 01, 2015, 08:19:50 PM »

he 2015 edition of the Canadian National Championship (West), sanctioned by World Trials Canada, will take place at Scotch Creek, BC on June 27 and 28.

You'll find the turn-off for Scotch Creek on Highway 1, between Little Shuswap Lake and Shuswap Lake. To find the trial, drive through Scotch Creek, up the hill, and turn left on Leopold Road. It's the same place as the recent Outlaw Trial.

There are motels in the area, and there is camping on site. All classes will be included. $25 to ride each day.

Hello everyone, please be advised at the request of the landowner the Rapid Creek trial in Falun Alberta, now takes place on SUNDAY JUNE 14TH!

Events / June 14th Rapid Creek trial, Falun AB
« on: May 20, 2015, 06:08:33 PM »
June 14th is our Rapid Creek trial near Falun Alberta.  The terrain is fantastic and Roger always does a great job on this one.  Traditionally this one can be wet, but is really fun either way.   See you out there. 

-Camping is allowed, starting Saturday afternoon
-Start time will be 10am, sign in starting at 9, hope to have the riders meeting by 9:45
-$40 to join the club, $20 to ride if you already have a membership.


Results / ATRA RD #1 Results
« on: April 25, 2015, 03:15:35 PM »
1st: Kelsey Hanson 90 pts (Sherco, Red Deer AB)
2nd: Carig Parfitt 119 pts  (Beta, Sherwood Park AB)

1st: Kevin Smith 19 pts (GasGas, Calgary AB)
2nd: Guy Tomlinson 59 pts (
3rd: Kji Klemmensen 77 pts (GasGas, Leslieville AB)
4th: Rod Klemmensen 80 pts (GasGas, Leslieville AB)

1st: Wyatt Pospisil 54 pts (Beta, Edmonton AB)
2nd: Doug Doel 57 pts (Sherco, Calgary AB)
3rd: Aaron Dobler 68 pts (Beta, Edmonton AB)
4th: Mitch Langell 79 pts (GasGas, Red Deer AB)

1st: Tino Marin 20 pts (Blackfoot Direct Sherco, Calgary AB)
2nd: Steve Foord 24 pts (Blackfoot Direct Beta, Calgary AB)
3rd: Sean Bird 39 pts (Beta, Calgary Ab)
4th: Ben Pospisil 51 pts (Outlaw Trialsport Beta, AB)
5th: Steve Doel 54 pts (Sherco, AB)

1st: Craig Parfitt 7 pts (Beta, Sherwood Park AB)
2nd: Mark O'Neil 15 pts (Beta, Medicine Hat AB)
3rd: Harold Pospisil 35 pts (Beta, Edmonton AB)

1st: Doug Harrish 14 pts (Honda, Sherwood Park AB)
2nd:Ken Knight 24 pts (Sherco, Turner Valley AB)
3rd: Mark Wickham 34 pts (GasGas, Calgary AB)
4th: John Neary 93 pts (Montesa, Calgary AB)
5th: Peter Neary 103 pts (Montesa, Calgary AB)

Hi there,

Sadly there isn't much around the Edmonton area that is really prime for trials riding, usually we head down south to rocky mountain house area to practice, specifically the baseline mountain. There is also Exshaw west of Calgary which is conducive to trials riding. I'll be sure to let you know next time we head down to practice and ride, we'd be glad to have you along.


Events / April 19th ATRA RD #1, Blackfoot Motorsports park
« on: April 12, 2015, 06:28:47 PM »
Hi all,

 There is a ATRA event at wildrose motorsports park April 19th.
-Start time will be 11AM sharp, sign in at 10am
-$5 gate fee for people riding this event
-$20 to ride & $40 to join the club for the year.
-SGC members will be given a one time "freebie" so to speak, of simply paying $20 to ride.
-We will be there on the Saturday around 4 setting up the event along with foordy.
-classes are as usual, difficulty will be dialed by a touch to help break everyone in for the new year.


Events / 2015 Calender!
« on: April 04, 2015, 10:49:59 AM »
Hi All, Sorry for the delay been trying to firm up and finalize the dates for the year.

April 19th - Wildrose Motorsports Park, Calgary AB**

June 14th – Rapid Creek Trial, Falun AB

August 15th & 16th – Cow Patty (Rocky Mountain House) – Will be following up with Bernie this week to find out.

September 27th - Gwynne Mafia Trial, Gwynne AB

Mission Statement / ATRA code of conduct
« on: March 21, 2015, 10:35:20 AM »

* ATRA operates as a group of fellow Trials enthusiasts who represent the sport with pride and passion.

* ATRA members are respectful to themselves, each other, and all property/facilities through their actions and through direct, honest communication.

* ATRA members are professional in their actions as abuse, threatening, or slanderous behavior is not in the spirit of fair play and will not be tolerated towards other members, spectators and volunteers.

* Members show their support for their fellow members by making an effort to attend the riders meeting before and after each event.

* Members of the ATRA promote fair play over winning and have fun doing it!

Members whose conduct is not within the spirit of this Code, will result in the Executive members of the ATRA following up with you to ensure everyone can participate respectfully, freely, and actively.

Hi Roger,

Like Marris said used bikes are "the hens teeth".  When i sold my 09' evo last year, it sold within a week for basically full asking price. Same thing with my 02' rev-3, it sold next day. The best thing you can do is check kijiji everyday, because when the bikes come up they never last long.

The 2010 sherco is a nice bike, but $5500 is a tad on the steep side in my opinion. If you could score that bike for around 4-4500 it would be a great starter!

On a personal note, I would recommend looking into a used beta if you could find one. It's what myself and my whole family rides and we've had nothing but great luck. The bikes are a solid solid build, with a perimeter aluminum frame and a nice smooth power delivery coupled with a six speed gearbox make a great learner bike. However like anything, bikes are a matter of opinion. What works for me, may not work for you.



General Discussion / 2015 ATRA AGM -MINUTES /EXECUTIVES
« on: January 29, 2015, 07:21:25 PM »
Hi Everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed the indoor, we couldn't have asked for a better day! With decent weather and a great atmosphere with Tino showing us how the elite level ride! We also had a few new faces which is awesome to see!


January 31, 2015

Meeting Minutes

1. Thank you to everyone for their help this year and for taking down the obstacles at the indoor today.

2. Sanctioning:

a. Options for sanctioning and insurance were reviewed. WEC, WTC, CMA, and 3rd party. The advantage to CMA is if you are interested in going to the world round, however, it has a significant cost associated with it.

b. Motion by Rob, second by Ben to continue with WTC due to low cost and a good $5 000 000 coverage for our landowners. Vote was unanimous.

3. Demonstrations:

a. Review of the Demos in Calgary and Edmonton from this month at the Motorcycle shows. Feedback includes it was good to see all levels of riders to show everyone it is possible to ride these amazing bikes. People enjoyed being able to try their balance on a bike in Calgary, however, it wasn’t as feasible in Edmonton due to being unable to move bikes back and forth from demo area to booth area. We can work around this with an extra bike next time. The T shirt giveaways for standing on the bike for 30seconds was also a hit!

b. Discussed future of ATRA doing demonstrations. Although ATRA has traditionally not had new members from past shows, it was brought up there are now new dealers for bikes all over the province. The members present felt it will be best to present all demo requests to the membership via Email, Facebook, and the Forum to ensure good communication. It will be up to the key point person to organize and request volunteers for specific jobs. It will be easier for people to volunteer if they know exactly what is required of them. Members felt it will be good to continue doing demos.

4. 2015 ATRA Events

a. April 19 – Blackfoot – Steve F.

i. This event will be dependent on weather.

b. June 21 – Falun – Roger

c. July 11 and 12 – Blackfoot – Steve F.

i. ACTION: Steve or Shane C will need to check if there is possibility of camping at Wildrose park. If so, will do a 2 day event

d. August 8+9 or 15+16 – Cow Patty (Rocky Mountain House) – Bernie

i. ACTION: Ben to call Bernie to confirm which dates work best for him.

e. September – Gwynne Mafia – Hardy

i. ACTION: Ben to email Hardy to confirm dates. Conflicts: September 20 Second Gear Club is having their event and September 12+13 will be Rocks and Logs again at Wildrose.

f. Winter: Indoor Event – Lake Dell – TBA

5. Prizes

a. Mitch asked if people would like different types of prizes, or if prizes need to continue for class winners. It was decided swag is the best prize, and the hoodies Mitch ordered for last two years’ class winners were fantastic!

b. ATRA zip up hoodies are for sale for $40

6. 2015 OTHER non-ATRA Events

a. Outlaw Series

i. May long weekend will be in Scotch Creek, lots of positive feedback from last year’s event!

b. Second Gear Club Events

i. An agreement had been made previously if SGC members want to come to our events, there is no membership fee.

ii. If we go to SGC events, we do not pay membership fee.

iii. Second gear club events:

1. June 14

2. September 20

c. Rocks and Logs: Red Bull Calgary Wildrose September 12+13

i. ACTION: (Ben or Mitch) to put up on the website/facebook/email requesting volunteers as an ATRA group. The event last year was a blast, a great way to see the show, and get some cool swag!

7. Round Table:

a. Request was made to organize a Scottish Trial event. This will need to be organized as it would be a new event! The venue would likely cost more due to the area needed.

i. ACTION: Kelsey to call Canyon Ski Hill to inquire as to cost, and camping availability

b. People really liked the sections this year.

c. Will make an effort to start on time

d. Discussed how to handle difficult situations and conflict with and between members.

i. ACTION: Kelsey to write up a Code of Conduct. It will be expected all members abide by the Code of Conduct and will be able to sign it off when they sign the waiver (combine the Waiver and the Code of Conduct). This will look similar to other club codes.

e. Members are looking forward to more bike time this year!

f. Members are happy about the atmosphere

g. More communication will be needed to ensure members know how they can help and what specific volunteer duties are required.

h. Facebook group, Forum, and Email are great ways to get a hold of people, as not everyone uses one form of communication.

8. Executive Positions:

a. Mitch announced he is stepping down as President

b. Call for nominations: Doug M and Ben P. Doug withdrew, and Ben P. was voted in. Ben states he will be able to do this job for one year. Ben encouraged all members to consider this position for next year!

i. Congratulations to Ben for becoming the new Prez!

c. Rob T. nominated Kelsey for Secretary

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