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Title: 2016 ATRA COW PATTY TRIALS, Rocky Mtn House AB
Post by: PopsicleJr on July 20, 2016, 10:29:47 AM
Hello all,

The Cow Patty Trial is a go for the July 30-31st weekend at Byrnie's place north of Rocky Mountain House.


-10AM start time for the modern bikes.
-We will be riding 2 loops, 14 sections.
-Once modern is wrapped up, prior to doing the results ceremony we will be holding the vintage A & B trials. As this is an outlaw, WE WILL have a class for the mono shock 84' Yamaha TY's

-10AM start time
-3 loops this time, as sections will be the same

Please keep in mind, each day is a separate round for both the outlaw and ATRA points series for those of you chasing points.

-Camping is permitted and encouraged as it's a beautiful grassy area, very similar to Falun.
-There is a top quality, clean outhouse on site
-Sections are very spectator friendly all within walking distance and provide great entertainment. As well as much improved this year, due to bringing heavy equipment in and many labor hours to sculpt and develop the area.